Shouk – (shook) n.

  • 1. A modern eatery & market offering a new take on comfort food.
  • 2. Meaning “market,” an assault on all five senses.

we’ll do the rest.


Cauliflower roasted; tomato, scallion, tahina, jalapeño oil

Mushroom sautéed; cauliflower, spinach, amba tahina

Chickpea preserved lemon, olive, seaweed, potato, tomato, cucumber, tahina

Black bean sweet potato, red pepper, tomato, arugula, spicy harissa

Fennel roasted; crispy potato, red pepper, pistachio pesto

Ratatouille tomato burst, radish, chickpeas, tahina

Cucumber arabic salad, hummus

MUJADRATurn any Shouk Pita into a rice & lentil bowl.

SALADSPut an entire market stall
in your bowl.


Shouk salad lots of fresh & roasted veggies, crunch, tahina vinaigrette

Beet salad sweet potato, arugula, nuts, cashew labneh, pomegranate vinaigrette

Basta salad whatever’s fresh & poppin



Soup whatever’s good

Dip & pita cashew labneh / beet tahina / hummus (choose one)

Polenta fries tomato tahina

Sweet potato fries cashew labneh

Pizza pita 1/2 pita, tomato burst, tahina

Spicy harissa just a little bit

DRINKSSweet almond drink. Sodas made to order.
Craft beer. We couldn’t resist.


Almond delight sweet & refreshing

Market sodas made to order

Rosemary lemonade lightly sweetened

Craft beer light / not so light

Tap wine red / white

Shouk food is 100% plant-based. It is (whatever your diet is) – friendly.


Mt. Vernon Triangle

11AM – 10PM, Daily

655 K St. NW, Washington DC, 20001

(202) 652-1464

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